Motivation will always beat talent!

Our Story

After spending many years in the fitness business and watching countless people fail, I felt led to do something about it. No matter the gym I worked at, it was always the same. People would come in for the first time, excited about making a positive change in their life, purchase a membership only to show up a few times before getting discouraged and quitting without ever reaching their goals.

I figured out that people need guidance, coaching, community, and accountability if they were to succeed. I knew I could put together a program that would provide everything people needed to change their lives but it was a tough start. I didn’t have the resources to purchase a facility to meet in so I started holding Bootcamp classes at Leesville park. I began to develop a following and an opportunity arose for me to utilize the upstairs space of a local gym to build StrongBody Fitness. People immediately began seeing resultsand told their friends about the positive encouraging culture we’d created. We grew fast and faced many challenges along the way but I’m humbled by the positive impact SBF is now making on our community!

- Judge Free Atmosphere – Always welcoming and encouraging!

- Certified Personal Trainers – Work with experienced coaches

- Nutrition – Scientifically proven nutrition programs to supercharge your metabolism!

- Motivation – We’ll help you stay motivated!

- Inspiration – Be inspired by our Coaches and clients

- Accountability – We’ll keep you accountable to your goals!

- Affordability – Our programs are not only effective, but also affordable!

- Camaraderie – Nothing like suffering with friends!

- Progress Tracking – Monthly weigh ins & assessments to track your progress!

- Fitness Level Testing – Continue to improve with FitRanX Level Testing program!

- Customized Programs – Crush your goals with individualized programs!

- Form – We make sure you’re doing it right!

- Variety & Fun – A different workout every single day!

- Beginner to Advanced – All ages and fitness levels welcomed!

- Lose Fat & Gain Muscle – Workouts will torch fat and build lean muscle

- Convenience – Multiple sessions day and night to fit your busy schedule!

- Continued Support – We’re always there when you need us!

- Personal Attention – We’re right there every step of the way to push and encourage you!

- Education – We’ll teach you the fundamentals of exercise and proper nutrition!

- Be More Functional – Picking up things, playing with children, and working in the yard will be much easier!


Train Alongside The Best
Jay Soileau

Jay Soileau

Founder/Fitness and Nutrition Coach

I have a true passion for helping others reach their full potential physically and mentally. 

Education: NASM CPT, ETP Nutrition Coach, CPR Certified

Wyatt Sippy

Wyatt Sippy

Fitness Coach/Client Experience Manager

Sports and fitness have always been part of Wyatt's life and he finds joy in helping others crush their fitness goals! 

Education: NASM CPT, CPR Certified

Nick Adams

Nick Adams

Fitness Coach

Nick started as a client with SBF and after him and his wife made an incredible transformation, he was asked to join the Coaching staff. Nick loves people and fitness is just one avenue he uses to make a difference.

Kara Worrell

Kara Worrell

Nutrition Coach

Kara loves helping people become healthier, more energized, and more self-confident. Her own struggles with weight are what led her to be interested in nutrition. She's excited to provide extra encouragement and support when it comes to healthy eating. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being better!

Education: Master’s degree in Public Health: Nutrition from Liberty University

Greg Lintinger

Greg Lintinger

Nutrition Coach

High energy retired Army veteran with a strong passion for helping others overcome their challenges with nutrition. He lives and breathes fitness and he's known for providing next level support for our clients.

Education: Bachelors of Science (Magna Cum Laude) in Food & Nutrition from University of Alabama, Bachelors of Science (with Honors) in Sports & Health Sciences, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Health Coach, US Army Master Fitness Trainer


We offer flexible membership packages to suit all fitness levels and help you to achieve your fitness goals.