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Places to Visit in Batesburg, South Carolina
By Jarrett | January 12th, 2017|

Batesburg, in combination with Leesville, is one of South Carolina’s so-called “Twin Cities.” Found in Lexington Country, from two separate towns, they finally consolidated in 1993. This comes after decades of joint ventures like schools, government services and even a shared Chamber of Commerce. Still, each city has their own identity and served areas surrounding them.

The Twin Cities are very popular for hosting the yearly South Carolina Poultry Festival (called previously the Ridge Poultry Festival). This event happens on the second Saturday of May and features vendors, live music, carnival, parade, and fireworks show. The festival aims to highlight the existence of a huge poultry harvesting industry in the area. Two large processing plants, Amick and Columbia Farms, call the area home.

More interesting, Batesburg and Leesville are surrounded by these wonderful attractions:

1. Lake Murray

Lake Murray

Only 15 minutes away is this 50,000-acre man-made lake, giving families a wonderful place to go to during the weekends. Many activities like boating, sailing, water sports, and even just sunset watching can be enjoyed here.

2. Ponderosa Country Club

Since 1965, Ponderosa Country Club has been offering golf lovers 18 holes of fun which includes 6,820 yards for a total par of 72. This facility is conveniently located in these Twin Cities.

3. Indian Trail Golf Course

In addition to the Ponderosa Country Club, another 18 holes and 72 pars were opened in 1993 for golfers through the Indian Golf Course. It offers 9 ponds, over 40 bunkers, and water on 11 holes, enough to challenge the best golf enthusiasts. The fully irrigated Bermuda greens are great for playing the whole year round.

4. The Big Mo

Closer to Monetta in South Carolina is the old-style drive-in movie theater from 1951. Although it closed in 1986, it was reopened in 1999 to provide families and other visitors fairly-priced entertainment. In all, there are 3 screens that show 2 different movies every night. There are also concessions available. You have the choice between watching inside your car or sitting in your own chairs from the back of a pickup truck.

5. Fine Arts Center

This auditorium is connected with the High School in Batesburg-Leesville, opened in February 2000. This auditorium boasts of 26,000 square feet fitting 1,000 seats, and modern facilities. Various events like concerts, competitions, and beauty pageants are held here yearly.

Including these 5, Batesburg, in combination with its twin city, Leesville, offers residents and visitors numerous entertainment options, regardless of age and interest, making these “Twin Cities” worth a visit!