We’re Actively Looking To Hire A Fitness Coach Who LOVES Fitness, Is Passionate About Helping Others, & Who Wants To Make a Difference In Our Local Community!


We’re looking for the perfect person to join our team as our next Rockstar Fitness Coach!

At StrongBody Fitness Batesburg, we help men and women reach their health and fitness goals by providing fun and energetic workouts, customized nutrition coaching, accountability, and motivation.  

First, let me tell you a little bit about Strongbody Fitness. I’m Jay and I’m the proud owner of our family-owned company here in Batesburg and I truly believe we have the best clients in the world!

We are committed to over-delivering to our clients to get them INCREDIBLE and life-changing results.  

Our mission at Strongbody Fitness is to empower our clients to become the strongest, healthiest, most confident and UNSTOPPABLE version of themselves! We’ll do this through motivation, education, and our commitment to lead by example.

We’re looking for the perfect person to join our team and help us positively impact our community by coaching our clients through our life-changing fitness program! 


We are looking for part-time and full-time Fitness Coaches!

If you’re hired, you’ll go through an 8-week paid internship period, where we will make sure you are the right fit for our team and the opportunity is a perfect fit for you. We have an incredible team that focuses on getting our clients real results, building a sense of community, and has a lot of fun in the process.

My team is like family to me and our focus is creating a winning culture that will allow us to make a significant impact on our clients and the local community.

Deliver an INCREDIBLE Workout Experience: Our clients come to us for results, but they stay for the community. We love to have FUN and make their time with us the BEST hour of their day. We expect our trainers to deliver a fun, energetic, safe, and effective workout each and every time.

Design Complete Programming for Our Clients: Our programming is ever-evolving and improving! We encourage creativity and uniqueness, so you’ll have the flexibility to integrate your style and experience into our workout programming!

Perform Weigh-Ins, Assessments, & Track Results: A large part of what we do is getting our clients RESULTS. You’ll be expected to regularly perform fitness assessments for our clients, and take other various measurements. It’s important that we keep track of their goals so we can measure and evaluate progress!

Manage Software, Systems & Tools: We use several software platforms and various tools to track our client’s progress, monitor attendance, archive workouts, and much more. You’ll be fully trained on our systems and methods we use to work with our clients.

Social Media Engagement: Continual engagement breeds culture! Clients LOVE hearing from their coaches on Facebook. A simple like, comment or word of encouragement will go a long way.

Educate & Inspire Our Clients: At Strongbody Fitness we walk-the-walk and lead by example. We’re actively pursuing our own personal fitness goals and we’re regularly investing in personal development to improve at our craft. We share what we’re learning with our clients to deliver top-notch service and to show them that we truly care about helping them succeed!

Align with our Core Values:

Personal Responsibility: We believe success begins with taking personal responsibility for our actions and results – no matter what.

Honor & Integrity: We are committed to a culture of honor and integrity.

Commitment to Excellence: We are committed to providing the best results for the people we serve.

Approachable: We’re always receptive to constructive feedback from our team and clients.

Growth: We’re continually looking for opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Communication: We communicate with our team and clients clearly and often.

Team Work: We work as a unified team all focused on our mission.

Faith & Courage: We believe in taking courageous steps and practicing faith to reach our goals and dreams.

ACE/NSCA/ACSM/NASM/NPTI or other national personal trainer certification.

(You do NOT have to currently be certified to apply, but must be actively working towards your certification or willing to do so in allotted time-frame)

• CPR / First Aid Certification

• Must LOVE working with people and are passionate about helping people reach their goals through health and fitness.

• Able to work effectively as part of a team as well as independently

• Creative, and highly motivated, and a great problem solver!

• Strong organizational and communication skills

• Self-learner and a knowledge seeker

We’re looking to hire someone in the very near future.

If everything above sounds good to you,

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Once we review your application and resume, if I believe you’ll be a good fit for our team, I will reach out to you to set up an interview.

This position will not be available long, so if you’re interested, take action quickly!

Looking forward to meeting you!