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Build Muscle and Burn Fat Through Resistance Training
By Jarrett | January 12th, 2017

resistance training

Depending on your workout goals, there are different types of training that are perfect. Some people just want to lose weight, or some want to strengthen their core. Identifying what you want to achieve is the first step, and even when you work with a trainer, he/she will ask you this question first. 

If you are looking to not just burn fat, but to also build muscle, then classic resistance training is still the right way to achieve this. Also called weight training or strength training, here are ways this exercise will help you attain your goal:

1. It Burns Calories And Fat
Traditional cardio exercise is simply not the way to losing weight. Instead, you would need to build lean muscle to burn unwanted fat. In fact, 1lb of muscle can burn between 10 and 20 calories every single day even if you are resting. Therefore, doing resistance training regularly is key, because it increases lean muscle mass and at the same time, preserve what is existing. By increasing your lean muscle, the more calories get burned!

2. It Tones and Shapes Muscles
Lifting light weights, even if you do high repetitions, will not yield to a toned body. It will only increase endurance. To achieve an athletic shape, the only way is to build lean muscle mass. This means you have to lift heavier and less, increasing resistance. In the end, this will force your body to build muscle to adapt. Even an 8-10 repetition range is enough, so long as you slowly increase the weights after every set.

3. There Is No Risk of Women Bulking Up
Resistance training will increase lean muscle in your body, which will give you a shaped look. At the same time, calories and fat are burned, enhancing your athletic shape. So women need not be afraid of looking like a bodybuilder, especially since they do not have high testosterone levels to build a lot of muscle.

4. It Works for Everyone
Regardless of your age, resistance training is good for you. After all, you stand to gain from better strength, improved coordination, improved joint flexibility, better balance. Moreover, you can also improve bone density and lessen the risk of osteoporosis, which is why this type of training can also be good for those who are a bit older.

Resistance training remains popular simply because it works. Despite the many training regimens coming out that claim to also burn fat and build muscle, you can be assured that lifting weights have proven its success for many years.