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The staff are super helpful and friendly, always enjoy going " when we get a chance " lol. Best choice of our lives. Thanks for your help!

I'm happy to get started full work out starting tomorrow. And next week... PUSH HARD

After being an athlete most of my life I started to loose touch of that side of myself. I felt lost! When I found Strong Body Fitness I not only got my athletic groove back but I became part of a family. A family that supports, uplifts, motivates, and holds each person accountable for being the best that they possibly can be. This is the first gym that I've ever been in where you aren't judged. Jay and his team are ALWAYS on the hunt to make the business better. From meal plans, to dietitians, to new and improved workouts I know that my monthly membership is well spent and well worth every penny.

I had a very informative Little Black Dress Orientation with Jay the Owner and his Staff this week. I was impressed on how clean the gym is and excited to see all the different circuits they offer. I'm thankful that I had the option to choose the nutritional meal plan prepared by a Chef. Just another great benefit!!! 

I just finished the Hot For The Holidays Challenge. I am amazed at my results and what I was able to accomplish in 3 short weeks. Before I started the challenge, I didn’t know what to expect. As I walked in the first day I was so nervous I wanted to run out the door. I’m so glad I didn’t. I had not worked out at a gym in years. When I started working out I quickly noticed how helpful and supportive the coaches were and how much they want everyone to meet their goals. They never made me feel inadequate but were always there to offer support. The coaches never let me quit or give up. The meal plans were tough but I learned so much about nutrition and healthy eating. I was very nervous about not knowing anyone especially since I’m not a very outgoing person but everyone I met was friendly and willing to help. I never felt out of place. I can actually say I loved working out. If you have ever thought about working out you should try Strong Body Fitness. You will be glad you did.

SBF is not your typical gym. No mirrors, no judgey looks, and no complicated equipment. It’s like an alternate workout universe where people come together and cheer each other on and encourage you to push yourself to new strengths. It’s will come out sweaty and sore, but it is worth it for the results. Jay and his team have a unique service that you won’t find anywhere else in town - personal training, nutrition counseling, and motivation and encouragement all in one package. If you are looking for a life changing experience, this is the place!

Great workouts that really push you but are doable at the same time. Jay and Wyatt do a great job of helping you navigate the classes at your level. Highly recommend this environment for all fitness levels.

I finished the Little Black Dress challenge this morning and I can honestly say I'm going to miss this gym. You come in as a stranger and you leave as family, if you feel alone in you fitness journey at this gym it's your fault because there's always someone there to help you keep pushing through. The trainers are there for you 100% of the time and Jay is always there to help you out or to give you a heavier weight than you ever thought you could lift. You will become sore if you're doing things correctly and if you aren't don't worry someone will let you know! This is a wonderful environment to get yourself on track! If you have a reason you can't do the workout for that day they'll take the time to build you a exercise that you can complete. There's just not enough great things to be said for the Strong Body team! ♡


We offer flexible membership packages to suit all fitness levels and help you to achieve your fitness goals.