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Introduction to TRX Training
By Jarrett | January 12th, 2017

TRX training

If you are someone who travels a lot but still wants to keep in shape, then TRX training is for you. In fact, it has been originally designed by a Navy Seal who was also on the move. Eventually, it crossed over into the fitness industry.

What is special about TRX is the lack of heavy and bulky equipment in working out. It uses, instead, gravity and body weight in building power, strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, joint and core stability. It also helps prevent injuries and contributes to increasing bone density.

TRX can meet your training goals and objectives, whatever that may be. This is also because you are not just working out a part of your body, instead, you engage everything when you change from one exercise to another after a few seconds. Moreover, it works out and stabilizes your core, which does not just include your abs, but also your muscles in your pelvis, glutes, back, and chest. This allows you to avoid future injuries in your whole body.

The secret lies in the use of your own body weight in adjusting the difficulty of the exercise. This can be done by either moving closer or farther from the anchor point. You can then easily vary the intensity of your exercise to build and strengthen muscle. Not only is it slower than changing weights, but it is also harder.

Bone loss is also avoided in this kind of training. The exercises are low impact though it brings you the benefits of weight exercises. You can also improve your flexibility because movements that involve other muscles are included.

It can also be equivalent to a cardio workout, helping you with weight loss and building your muscle’s endurance. This is possible because the exercise will work out many muscles and pump up your heart. This way, you burn more calories than a traditional exercise. This kind of exercise will keep you on the go, making your heart stronger and your muscles more resilient.

Your traditional training style is mostly restricted to 3 ranges of motion, moving forward, backwards, and push or pull type, done while sitting down. This does not reflect the real body’s daily motion, which also includes moving left, right, diagonally, bending, and twisting. If you want to have a strong core and be fit enough for common day-to-day activities, you should include all these movements into your fitness regimen.

Should you be interested in TRX, you can start with basic movements until you are able to master the regimen because you can start with a lower intensity. Beginners can do this, all the way to athletes and body builders. Age can also be overcome, whether you are young or old. Interested to try it out? The best way to get you started is to do a program with your trainer or join one of our TRX classes!